185166 PULPDENT FILE-RITE EDTA GEL 17% (4x5gr/ 50 tips 30 GA)

€ 34,85


  • 17% EDTA gel with lubricant
  • Minimizes binding and breaking of files
  • Decalcifies canal walls
  • 4 x 5 gm syringes + 50 each 30 ga x 1˝ applicator tips


File-Rite is an effective chelating agent for decalcifying canal walls. The semi-gel formulation contains lubricant to facilitate instrumentation of root canals and helps prevent binding and breaking of files. The convenient syringe allows direct dispensing into canals using 30-gauge x 1” (2.5 cm) applicator tips. File-Rite rinses out easily with irrigation.

File-Rite is a 17% EDTA gel that has been buffered to a neutral pH. During instrumentation and debridement
of the root canal, File-Rite is an effective calcium binding material for chelating and removing
dentin from the canal walls, and it acts as a lubricant to minimize the binding and breaking of files.

Directions for Use
1. Always place a rubber dam.
2. Remove cap from the syringe and place an applicator needle securely on the syringe.
3. Dispense File-Rite directly into the canal. For controlled dispensing, hold syringe barrel with fingertips,
place plunger in palm, and gently pull back with fingers. File-Rite can also be placed directly on
the file or into a dappen dish.
4. Instrument the canal. Reapply File-Rite and repeat as necessary until the canal is enlarged and
shaped as desired.
5. Rinse canal thoroughly.
6. Discard needle and place cap back on the syringe. Use a new needle for each patient.