Techole One Step Fiber Post

Why Techole
Our reconstruction method with fiber posts has been provided documentary evidence by over 5 million posts still used to this day. Throughout the course of our collaboration with Abrasive Technology we have observed that essential improvements could be made.
The lack of fibers in the central section of the new post has revealed itself as a reason for the exaltation of the structural and mechanical characteristics. In fact, in addition to simplifying the technique, the current filling with composite causes an increase of resistance during the compression and cut of the
fiber posts in the peripheral section of the post itself.

Easy of use
The central hole, which travels through the entire Techole post up to its extremity, is the long canal along which the composite cement or the necessary composite for the fixation of the post runs. Therefore, by using these posts it is no longer necessary to first fill the canal with the cement and then insert the post. Instead, everything is accomplished in one single step, during which the post is simultaneously an instrument which guides the cement into the canal.

Better performance
TECHOLE enhances the mechanical characteristics of the fibers and the composite giving rise to an innovative post, which has a distinctly higher performance and easier use than classic techniques.

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