221937 Eighteeth Ultra X ultrasonic activator

€ 428,50 € 385,65

Ultra X - Cordless endodontic ultrasonic activator

The ultimate tool for Activation, Gp removal & Instrument retrieval

Uses 45kHz ultrasonic frequencies which 
utilise the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas of the root canal system.

• 45kHz ultrasonic frequency

• Variable Frequency Control

• Self-adjusting frequency during treatment 

• Powerful battery 1500 mAh 

• Lightweight (95g)

• 3 Activator tips available

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Ultrasoon handstuk



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2 x tip goud, 2 x tip zilver en 2 x tip blauw

Gold: super-powerful titanium tip for retrieval of instruments separated in the canal.

1 x Gold tip 18mm (20/.02) + 1 x Gold tip 18mm (25/.02) 


Kamerplant voor binnen

€ 24,95

Kamerplant voor binnen

€ 24,95

Dit is een voorbeeld product. Het kan niet gebruikt of gekocht worden.

Blue: Bendable tip for activation of irritants in curved root canals & removal of GP during re-treatment.

1 x Blue tip 18mm (20/.02) + 1 x Blue tip 18mm (25/.02) 

Silver: soft & flexible tip for activation of irritants in challenging curved canals.

1 x Silver tip 21mm (20/.02) + 1 x Silver tip 21mm (25/.02)