12.S5621 - BASIC IMPLANT SET U-SHAPE (1 st.)

€ 22,00

Each set consists:

1 Special Plus model gown (size L) with surgical fold and 2 hand towels wrapped in medical grade paper, in light blue SMS Microfibre fabric;
1 Water-repellent gown with cuffs, in light blue NWF;
2 Surgical caps with adjustable ties,
in light blue absorbent NWF;

1 Round patient cap in light blue absorbent NWF;

1 Absorbent/waterproof drape 50x75 cm with adhesive side, in light blueNWF+polyethylene;

1 Absorbent/waterproof drape 75x90 cm with adhesive U-shaped split 11x9 cm, in light blue NWF+polyethylene
1 Omnisleeve sheath 120x7 cm, in transparent PVC;

1 Bag for contaminated material, in red PVC.